[Free Udemy] Learn Complete WordPress for Building a Professional Sites

free wordpress course


Created by: Nader Hantash

What you will Learn?

  • Build A Professional Web Sites
  • Manage Web sites
  • Control Web Sites
  • Manage Several Themes And Site Templates
  • Adding Several Functionalities to the sites



  • Computer
  • Internet connection.


Some of the Important Sections and Lectures of This Course

  • what is WordPress
  • what is CMS
  • how to build your web site
  • how to create a database on the server
  • how to upload and install WordPress on the server
  • how to ┬ámanage contents on WordPress sites
  • manage posts and pages on WordPress web sites
  • how to define and moderate categories and tags at WordPress web sites
  • how to add media at WordPress web sites
  • how to manage third part media at your web site
  • how to finding WordPress themes
  • how to choose your themes
  • how to manage and customize themes in WordPress
  • working with 5 different themes
  • how to add additional functionality at your site by using plugins’
  • work with contact us form
  • adding professional albums
  • adding poll and quiz
  • deal with social media plugins
  • User Roles in WordPress
  • manage users at a WordPress site
  • WordPress setting
  • customize your site by several settings
Who this course is for:
  • This course is those who want to learn How to Build Professional Websites from A To Z
  • This Course For anyone interest with web technology
  • This course also for anyone works in blogs, newspaper, magazine, eCommerce site as author or editor
  • this course serve anybody to work as web administrator on any company or office
  • this course help anyone to build web sites and to make his own office of web design and developer to make web sites for customers
  • this course helps companies, restaurants, organizations, and other socials over the world to manage their web site


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